22 Top Vacation Rental Websites That Support ICAL Integration

As you probably know, everyday there are more and more vacation rentals portals out there and, as the vacation rental market gets flooded with new listings, the competition gets fierce. Everyone wants to add their properties to as many portals as possible in order to get the most bookings. 
However, adding your properties on all of the vacation rentals portals is not as simple
as it sounds. Apart from having to create accounts on all the individual portals, the biggest challenge is managing your calendar’s availability on a daily basis.  That’s why, with all the competition out there, most portals have started to offer you the ability to manage your calendar’s availability through ICAL integration.
This means that you can get all of your calendar information in one single URL and paste it into a unique calendar to manage all of your occupancy data in one central location. 
Here is a list of the top vacation rental portals that support ICAL integration:
(In alphabetic order) 
  1. 9Flats
  2. Airbnb
  3. Apartments Unlimited
  4. Arbitel
  5. Be My Guest
  6. Booking
  7. CitiesReference
  8. Flipkey
  9. Gay-ville
  10. Holiday Velvet
  11. HolidayLettings
  12. HomeAway
  13. Homelidays
  14. Housetrip
  15. Loving Apartments
  16. Only Apartments
  17. Owners Direct
  18. Room-o-rama
  19. Top Rural
  20. VBRO
  21. WayToStay
  22. Wimdu
Now the next step to streamlining your VR business, is to employ a software tool that gives you full control over your properties across all platforms, allows you to communicate directly with your guests and even offer them concierge-like services.  I use (and also work for 😉 Vreasy, the web-based VR software and property managers community.  Our unique business model actually welcomes VR hosts to use our software for free because together we’ll all make more money, and get more occupancy, by offering great services to our guests!
So, now that I’ve shared my Super-Host secret, what’s your preference on calendar management?