4 Reasons Why Every Property Management Business Needs Vreasy

‘Give your vacation rental guests experiences to remember with Vreasy’


For property management businesses looking to stand out in a competitive market, Vreasy is an all-in-one platform to push your business to the next level.

Vreasy is a unique software platform which simplifies the logistics and management tasks of a property management business. They do so by automating bookings, communication, tasks, and provide one of a kind guest experiences through their guest relationship management tool.

Here are 4 ways that you can make sure your business stands out with Vreasy:

1. Control every aspect of your property management and marketing

Never get another overbooking! Vreasy allows managers to easily synchronize their calendars, pricing, and listings with reliable, free and direct API connections with the dominant portals, such as Booking.com and Airbnb.

Market your properties to millions of potential guests and be on top of every single task. The size of your property won’t matter – Vreasy has all it takes to respond to the needs of growing businesses with 5-star service for every guest.

Vreasy property managers are given the means to manage every member of staff and provide their property owners with a stress-free dashboard and accurate earnings and reports.

2. Value Guest Experience as a top priority

But, logistics and management are only ever a small part of running a vacation rental business. Standing out in this market requires offering an experience that your guests will remember long after they’ve checked out.

Vreasy provides a built-in Guest Experience platform including an e-concierge app called Guidal. This application is customised to your business and addresses the needs of guests. Whether it be a hassle-free airport pickup or scheduling a popular nearby activity, your guests can book their tours and services through your business. Vreasy approves and manages all services so it adds nothing to your workload!

3. Property Managers Earn Commission On The Services They Provide

That’s right, every service your guests book via Vreasy earns you a commission! As well as getting 5-star reviews from every guest, you will also add a whole new source of revenue to your business.

Vreasy delegates every task or service booked to trained service providers in their network. The dual communication platform then truly personalises every guests’ stay and allows for exclusive flexibility. This feature of Vreasy enhances guest satisfaction while simultaneously boosting managers’ revenues, good reviews, and guest loyalty. It’s a win-win.

4. Almost One-Hundred Percent User Satisfaction

Vreasy takes pride in presenting their property managers with a consistent top-of-the-line product while delivering their service in a professional and easy to understand way.

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