Save time and do more by automating your tasks & communications

Save time and organize your workflow

Set up all your automations and focus on scaling up your business.
With the vacation rental sofware of Vreasy you can automate booking confirmations, updates, payment reminders, task assignments, and service requests by using communication automation.

Some examples include:

  • Send booking reminders
  • Welcome guests
  • Ask for reviews
  • Send instructions to your guests
  • Assign tasks to your staff

Easily send triggered-based messages

1 | Decide at which stage to send: arrival, stay or departure
2 | Decide among SMS, Email or both
3 | Choose the right moment when to send the message

Automate task-assignment

1 | Choose the task you want to get done from your staff
2 | Push notifications to email, SMS or calendar.
3 | Choose the right moment to automate your tasks

Finally, you can easily check all your live automations on the master calendar:

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