Case Study: How to Earn Money from Guest Services

At Vreasy, we offer more than just a place to stay. It’s our ethos and our trademark. A Vreasy booking is more than just a booking, it is the start of a conversation between a customer and your business. So, what does that mean for your day to day management of your business? What does offering more actually mean to you and your guests? We’re going to show you an example of how Vreasy gives their managers the power to build their brand and increase their revenue from every booking with guest services.

We’re using a real example, from a real Vreasy customer and guest in Rome, this October. You can see the booking and payment due from the guest, and beneath them, you can see the additional services booked by the guest.

The services you can see here are booked using your own branding and then handled by verified

professionals in your area. Using Vreasy means you become more than just a host for your guest, you’re a guide, a service provider, and a memorable brand. You turn your business from a series of properties, into a network of travel, tours and services without adding anything to your workload or having to build these connections yourself.

A commission from every service is then paid to the manager. In this case, the Vreasy manager earned an additional €443.75 from the sale of these services.

Like the manager in our example, you can use the existing tourist infrastructure in destinations such as Rome to instantly add a new dimension to your brand and offer your guests trips and services that will enhance their trip.

These services can be booked before and during the stay. The manager, in this example, uses four methods to communicate with his guests and give them a chance to add services to their trips.


Arrival forms

This is sent before the guest arrives.

It asks them a series of questions such as arrival time, who will be travelling, and how they will reach you.
It allows you to be a better host simply by knowing more about your guest and being able to plan for their journey and arrival.

It also serves to reassure your guests and give your brand a professional touch. Your guests will know that you will be on hand to greet them, check-in and help them with any issues they may have. They can choose to book guest services such as airport transfers through this form with a simple check box.

Email Marketing

Marketing is always strongest when you know your audience. Once your guest has filled in the arrival form, you can send them emails that will give them information and offers that they actually want to hear.


If you learn from your form that your guest will be arriving late with a young family, an email regarding a car service waiting for them or a fridge stocking service will be much more likely to be of use than your rough guide to the local nightlife. Our example host sends and email before the arrival, mid-way through the stay and then one on the last day.

The Guidal App

Some guests will just want to discover things for themselves. Guidal is an app that gives your guests local information, your own guides and personal recommendations.

This is the modern version of your property guide. It is interactive and your guests can even book the guest services and tours they read about in your guides. This gives your guest the freedom to explore a city on their own terms and choose the information and activities that interest them.

A Great Team

The manager in this case study has a team of staff that share his ethos. They will ask guests why they are travelling, what they hope to experience and use their expert local knowledge to help add to the trips.

The Vreasy system allows your staff to know these details well in advance and prepares their hosting. With automated communication and arrival forms, your welcome staff can so much than just open doors and show your guests around. As well as the short term financial benefit, you can see from the review that the experience the guest had, has turned them into customers for the manager’s business.

Also, Martin and Elizabeth were truly a joy with respect to communication. They replied promptly to my many, many questions and seemed to have real pride in ensuring that we enjoy their home. We would not hesitate to book this home again the next time we are in Rome!

Once the guest has left, you now also have key information about your guest that you can add to your customer profile. You can see that this guest likes to explore and be active with friends. This is crucial information for remarking and will help you to offer this guest places to stay that will really appeal to them.  Your customer will then be more likely to seek out your business for their next trip because they know the quality they can expect and they know they will able easily book the guest services they like to do.

Our goal is simple, to provide better experiences for guests and make them want to return to our customer’s business. Adding one-of-kind guest services to your properties elevates your business into a brand people remember and return to.


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