Creating Repeat Customers

First impressions count. Think of each guest’s visit as a chance to win a customer for life. It costs ten times more to win a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. As well as creating happy guests, you’re doing yourself a huge service. Create repeat customers and your business will have a solid foundation upon which to grow. They become advocates for your brand, spreading the word about your business to their friends.

The guest experience is where you show your customers what they can expect from your business when they stay with you. To create repeat customers, you need to make sure they remember your business and have a clear way to find you again.

At Vreasy we help everyone of our property managers do more than just collect bookings. We provide the platform that will let you add revenue to your business, generate more bookings, and help you establish a brand that customers will come back to.

Build your Brand

Using Vreasy’s specially selected partners means you can really start to build your property management company into a brand people can recognise and return to. Use Rentivo to build a website that customers can come back to and booking directly from. A well-built website doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. Simple and clean design, combined with a mobile-optimized view is all potential guests need.

Having your own website is putting a shop-front on your business. Your guests have a direct way to buy your product. Property managers that have not built a brand or have a way for their guests to choose their business rather than just one of their properties are a castle built on sand. You pay commission on every booking and are completely at the mercy of any changes to your agreement with the booking portals you use. Your own brand is the basis of your business.

Let Your Customers Find You

If you go to the trouble of creating a brand, don’t just send your customers back to the listing sites. Give them a way to reach your business directly and next time they are planning a trip they can choose from your properties without the distraction of other properties. Send them the link to your site, provide them with branded materials that mention it. The easier you make it for your guests to find, the more will eventually reach you.

Having a page where your guests can share their photos and relive their trips is a great way to give them reason to visit your site. Once they know your business and your name you drastically increase the chances of repeat business.

Stay in Touch

Every customer that books with should enter your email list, meaning you can contact them with marketing in the future.  Plan and monitor your campaigns so you don’t bombard your customers as soon as they return home. Emails with promotions and news that contain actually new news will be enough to keep your business in mind when they book their next trip.

Segment your email list by the type of properties your guests have previously booked. Then you can send appropriate and personalised marketing content to the right people.

Reward Loyalty

An offer sent to your guests, via Vreasy’s email automation, such as a discount on a repeat booking is a simple incentive to book again. Reward your email subscribers with offers and exclusive promotions. Make sure that when a guest leaves your property, they know your business and how to book with you again – in whatever location you have properties and that their experience will be just as good each time.

Inconsistency is a curse of vacation rentals. Show your guests that they will have the ultimate guest experience in every property. Knowing that they can book the same experience wherever they travel will keep people coming back to you.