February 2016: New Features, News and Updates.

Being a Vreasy manager just got even better!

This post marks the start of a monthly newsletter to announce the latest updates to Vreasy. We’re continuously working on new features and ways to use Vreasy to provide the very best guest experience.


It’s our mission to do more than just organise your bookings. We want to bring more guests to your properties, give you the tools to improve the guest experience and build your business into a name that your customers recognise and seek out time and time again. Being a Vreasy manager means that you are more than just a property manager – you’re an expert in providing more than just a place to stay.

Here you can read about the upcoming features that are coming to Vreasy in February to help you do just that:


Airbnb LogoYou will be able to push prices & your minimum stay information from Vreasy to Airbnb.  This means you can marketing your properties on one of the world’s biggest portals in just a matter of clicks!



You will be able to extract and download data from your account, for each booking into an excel sheet. Our data export feature makes accounting reporting and understanding all of your data easier than ever. You will be able to see booking dates, prices and tasks in just a click of a button.


2-step logo

Vreasy will introduce a two-step connection process, in order to protect your account and your future guests from online scams and phishing attacks. It’s a simple step that doesn’t over-complicate the log-in process. Plus, our contingencies mean that if you ever lose your password, the process for recovery is safe, simple and will mean that only you ever receive your log-in information.


CalendarWe’re adding new filters and search options within your calendar page so you can work more effectively and save time on a daily basis. In our new calendar view, for each booking, you will be able to extract and download data into an excel sheet making accounting reporting and making sense of your data easier than ever. You will be able to see booking dates, check-in times, source portal, prices, and tasks in just a click of a button.

If you have any questions about these new features, you can contact your customer service manager to find out more. And stay tuned, we will have a whole new batch of exciting updates and new features to announce this time next month.