Your First Five Steps to Guest Experience Excellence

In our last post, we talked about the importance of having a methodology for the guest experience. A way to make your property into something more than just four walls and a roof. A system that can be used time and time again, no matter the size of your business.

Today, we’re talking about real ways in which you can start to create your own methodology. To build a methodology to be the ultimate property manager you need to understand what your guests want to get from their trip. You are now thinking about more than your property, you’re considering the final happiness of your guest, more than just one part of their trip.

There are five stages to every trip, and they start long before a guest even looks at your property. Your methodology needs to consider each one and have a way to connect with your guest at every stage.


Here are the five stages of the Vreasy Guest experience:


This is where you capture your guest’s attention. Your own website with content that creates the initial interest in your area, rather than your properties will draw traffic to you, and eventually your properties. Make sure you have content that is not just focused on your properties but on things that will make a guest want to book in your area. They can then imagine themselves in one of your properties, which are only a click away.


Organisation is key here. Your methodology requires some nuts and bolts to make sure that your guests can check availability and ask important questions before their booking. Automate and delegate these tasks to a system that ensures everything is accurate and automatically entered into your system and that your guests receive accurate information at every stage.


Guests require confidence in your system and business in order to book. Simple techniques like instant emails confirming once a payment is received boost confidence and make guests more likely to book – and re-book – with your business. The secret to your methodology here is speed, simplicity and clarity. Online booking, instant responses and a simple, transparent process will turn more visitors into eventual bookings.


Go above and beyond. An automated system means you now have time to be a real host. Create a human connection and speak with your guests. Automation will take care of the simple things but having the time to make sure that your guests’ experience is really beyond their expectations is how you can really wow your guests. A phone call, or short visit to see if there’s anything you can do is the perfect touch on top of an already remarkable experience.

Five Stages 2

We created Guidal as a place to collect and distribute your knowledge, and provide a self-updating guide to everything your guest needs to know to have an extraordinary stay. You simply send them the app and it is automatically populated with their booking information, your own property guide and tours and services that they can book throughout their stay. It even comes with an up to the minute guide to local events. You send useful, personalised information without having to repeat yourself every booking. Save time and put all of your knowledge and experience as a property manager to good use.


Once the stay is over is where your re-marketing begins. Encourage your guests to review you, tell their friends, and give them a way to share their experiences. Your past guests are a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about your business. Your methodology means that new and returning guests seek out your business first. You skip the middle-man of listing sites and sidestep the scramble of fighting for SEO rankings.

This is a long-term system to market your properties using the service you provide. We are the guest experience authority and have given our managers the key to giving every guest more than they would ever expect from a vacation rental. We understand what makes a guest come back to vacation rentals and created the tools to help our managers do the same.

We will be giving you more ways you can build your methodology into an airtight process that always delivers a memorable experience, no matter what else is happening in your business.

To see for yourself how Vreasy helps you create a methodology to provide the ultimate guest experience, you can try a demo today.