Get 5 Star Reviews in 5 Simple Steps

Now that your guests are using Guidal and getting the very most out of their trips, they’re going to pretty happy with you. (If you missed our first post on using Guidal, don’t worry you can read it here)

So, how can you make sure that your guests leave happy and that they stay happy enough to leave you a review? Well, we’ve got five simple steps that will allow you to get great reviews from every guest.


Request them!

This is a simple one, but it works. Just ask. There’s nothing wrong or unethical about asking your guests to review your business! With Vreasy, you can automate emails to send to our guests at any time but this particularly well a day or two after they return home. Their trip is still fresh in their minds and they will be eager to relive the experience through a review.

Encourage them

If asking isn’t quite enough, a bit of gentle persuasion can go a long way. Offering your guests a 5% discount if they leave you a review is a great incentive for them, it gives you a review as well as a returning customer!

Respond to Them

Good, bad, mediocre – no matter the review if you show that you have taken the time to read your guest’s feedback and care about their trip you not only show that you’re a pro property manager, but that people’s reviews will actually be listened to! A quick thank you sent to your guests that left a positive review is a nice touch that will make their efforts feel appreciated.

A bad review left hanging will just make people imagine the worst. If you think the review was justified, an apology goes a long way in the eyes of potential customer. If you don’t agree with a negative review, don’t take it too seriously. Nothing will look worse than petty back and forths between you and guest. Trying to explain everything that may have gone wrong is just going to look bad. Try to improve your business from the feedback and move on.

Make it Easy

Send your guests the exact link to where you would like to be reviewed. The more steps a guest has to go through, the fewer reviews you will receive. Consider how each guest booked your property and make sure they receive the right link if you’re using different sites. A guest that booked your property through HomeAway is not going to leave a review for you if you send them a link to your Airbnb account. Mention the review in the subject line and keep your emails to the point.

Focus on the Guest Experience

This is probably the most difficult thing to get right. How do you get your guests to have the sort of trip that makes them want to review you? You can clean your property for months on end but a sparkling countertop doesn’t inspire people to pick up their pens. By giving your guests more than they would expect from your properties you will get reviews flying in. By helping your guests have a better experience on their vacation, rather than just in your property, you are going above and beyond.

Using Vreasy goes hand in hand with providing the best guest experience – you let your guests curate their perfect trips whilst having an easy way to share your expert local knowledge. Instead of your guests wandering around looking for things to do – you can make sure that they will visit the places that you know will make their trip extra special.

Great reviews are born out of great service. Vreasy gives you the tools to provide this service to every guest with no extra work. These tips are just the start.