Owner Statements

Keep track of your business by looking at the owner’s and property manager’s earnings & expenses

Your income under control

This tool is used from property managers to give a detailed account of the payment and expenses with the bookings that have been received that month.

1 | Create an Owner agreement
Make an agreement with the owner deciding over the distribution of all different items: initial deposit, rent, cleaning, extras, etc,
For example, you may pass on 80% of the reservations earning to the owner and keep 20% of the net price

2 | Create an Owner statement
Based on what has been agreed on the Owner agreement, all expenses and revenues are calculated on a monthly basis, ready to be printed out if necessary.

Drill down to the details of the revenue for each booking and easily send the statement via PDF or Email.

Property managers
who use VREASY report:


Revenue increase during their first year


Saved per week on average


Increase in repeat guests


Increase in occupancy rate during low season

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