Promoting Services To Your Guest

When it comes to marketing, timing is everything.

To sell more services, you need to create great content and choose the perfect time to send it to your guests. Done right, promoting a service or tour to your guests will add a new dimension to their stay and make them seek out your business for their next trip. You’ll add to their experience and mark your business out as a place that offers more than just a place to stay. Happier guests, more revenue and people coming back to book with you time after time. 


Your guests want to be entertained and amazed, but having just landed in an unfamiliar city they won’t know where to start. We give you the tools to direct your guests towards the things they will love in a way they can access at their own speed. As a property manager you have the chance to pass on your trusted recommendations to people that need to know. Services, tours and activities make or break a trip so you need to give your guests access to the very best your city has to offer. 

We’ve compiled this guide to help you reach more of your guests with perfect content, at the right time.

Tap Into Their Anticipation

Anticipation is sweeter than reality. Before your guests even arrive, give them a taste of what they can expect. Get them excited about their trip with links to some of the activities they can do when they arrive. Having some things organised a booked will just add to the anticipation and reduce any stress of the trip. Don’t worry about queues, sell outs or finding information. Allowing your guests to plan their trip before they arrive makes the guest experience smoother, less stressful and more like a holiday.

By sending your guests information and promotions before they arrive, from the moment they book a tour, they are picturing themselves gliding round a gallery or getting to know the secrets of Rome. Use language that creates this buzz. Avoid details and timings. Guests don’t want to think about the logistics at this stage. They want to start their holiday now so when promoting pre-arrival services you need to take them there. High-resolution images, words like Explore, Discover, Secret will build the idea of the tour in the mind of your guests. Planning and booking then makes it real. Your guests look forward to their trip and have professional tours booked, meaning you can be sure the guest experience will blow them away.

You are the Expert

You know your area and your properties better than anyone. Give your guests you own tips and hints from your experience. Let them know your real opinions on the local sights and make sure that you only recommend ones that you’re sure will wow them. This is perfect content to send during their trip. Once they have ticked off the major sights, they are going to be looking for some recommendations off the beaten track from a local expert…this means you. 

These recommendations carry weight with your guests.  Your guests have a limited amount of time so will want to see the very best. You are their trusted guide book and where you become a real part of the guest experience. By sharing your knowledge you’re providing a unique experience for each guest. Suddenly, they see whole new level of the city they are visiting, going the places only the locals know about.


Once you get to know your guests your promotions will become even more accurate. The more personal and tailored your marketing is, the more services you will eventually sell. From their choice of services, you can build a profile of what your guests like and provide promotional materials perfectly suited to each guest. This is how you build repeat customers.

For new guests, you can simply ask them what they would like to do. With just a few quick questions you’re in the perfect position to send personalised recommendations, advice, and tips. Getting to know your guests also shows that you care about the guest experience. An email before the trip asking your guests what they would like to see during their stay is the perfect way to show that your business offers more. 

Promoting services to your guests is more than just marketing. You are becoming more than just a property manager. You are actively helping to enhance your guest’s stay in your property with specially chosen and easy-to-access ours and activities to enhance their trip.

Here you can learn how use Vreasy’s email automations to program your emails to your guests.