Staff Management

Save time by optimizing your operations through one platform

Managing staff and tasks in Vreasy

Your staff under control!

Manage from one unique platform all your contacts, guests, owners and staff.
Give them access to your account and make it easy for owners to block dates or staff to accept tasks.

Set up and options

1 | Add contact details of your assistant, the cleaning staff, property owners, and service providers. You can also choose the system in different languages for different contacts.

2 | Add the role for each of your contacts. You can choose between assistant, regular staff , provider, owner and no access. Each role will give different permission.

3 | Assign services to each contact, establishing also a ranking, so if the first contact is not available, the second ranked contact can take over the job or confirm availability. You can also assign tasks directly to a contact.

4.1 | Choose to either manually set the task through the task bar in the master calendar…

4.2 |…or automate tasks that are triggered by bookings (for example check-ins, check-outs, cleaning, etc.)

5 | Get an overview of all the tasks created so you can easily control all your staff and contacts.

Property managers
who use VREASY report:


Revenue increase during their first year


Saved per week on average


Increase in repeat guests


Increase in occupancy rate during low season

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