Summer is Over: Prepare for a Record Breaking 2017!

How to use your low season to make your business run like a well-oiled machine. 

The relative calm of September can be seen as time to relax, maybe prepare for the holiday season and reflect on how the summer went. However, now is the perfect time to capitalise on the previous year’s success and start building ways to increase your profits in 2017.

The low season is time to work out ways to save time and increase bookings for the next year.

It is never too early improve your business processes. Use the extra time of the low season to improve your communications, streamline your management and get creative with your marketing. We’ve compiled a checklist of things you can do to increase your bookings year on year, and never get caught out by the start of the low season. Discover SIX great ways to make your next year even more profitable.


Adjust Prices

Any professional manager knows about the benefits of seasonal pricing. Stay competitive and keep bookings coming in with lower prices. Also, remember to use this time to check for events and popular holidays to visit that will require higher prices throughout winter. Make sure your prices are optimised for lower demand and the pockets of popularity dotted throughout your low season.

Attend Seminars and Webinars

Having more time on your hands leaves you free to add some skills to your repertoire. There are online courses and live events to attend throughout the low season. Add new skills from expert property managers and surprise yourself by learning new skills you’d never considered before. Arrange to meet other managers and build connections at events like VRMA and the WTM.

Refresh Images

As well as keeping your pictures fresh and modern, your images should reflect your surroundings. Autumnal and wintery images of your property will help draw in guests as summery images will look jarring and out of place. Up-to-date images are a great way of showing your guests that you are an all-year-round professional manager and they can expect the same high standard of guest experience whatever the season.

Add Automations

Make your staff’s workflow and collaboration easier by setting up automated processes such as email replies and tasks. Add cross controls for damage and maintenance to make checkouts quicker across the board. Our managers get great results from automating a checklist for every staff member to follow. This way, they can know if there is any damage or any maintenance to be done before their guests arrive and every staff member knows what they have to do without instruction from you.

Spend some time setting automations up and you will save hours every day in your busy periods.

Think One Season Ahead

This is a great habit to get into. The low season is when you should be planning for summer 2017 – not the holiday period of 2016. Starting planning one season ahead now. What did your summer guests want to see that you don’t yet offer. Could you start providing pick up services from the airport, or local produce at your properties? The opportunities open from your recent busy period are still fresh in your mind. Act now to make sure you are ready for your busiest period and don’t miss out on making the most out of new revenue ideas or time saving methods.

Find a Buddy

Is there a PM in a non-competitive city that will joint market with you? Vreasy helps two PMs market to each other’s ex guests without seeing each other’s actual guest data. Guests will rarely want to visit the same location twice in a row, so teaming up with another manager can give you fresh guests to market to. Offer to promote another destination and property to your marketing list in exchange for a similar service from another host and grow your audience.

These are a few ways you can make the most of the quieter moments of the year. The secret to running an efficient business is to improve your processes, save time and make your business leaner and more effective wherever possible. This way you can grow your inventory and revenue without overwhelming yourself or your business.

With Vreasy, your efforts are amplified across your entire business. Your management time savings mean you can save hours a day on your management and market your properties to millions of potential guests as if you were still running a small business.

If you want to make 2017 the year your become a Super-Manger and your business hits the high notes, schedule a demo of Vreasy to see just how much you can achieve.