Super-Host of the Week: Andrei Comper

Andrei Comper is not your average 23 year old.  In less than 2 years, Andrei has emerged as one of Barcelona’s most successful vacation rental host often managing more than 15 properties on several platforms at any given time. It began as a favor for a friend who was traveling out of the country for 6 weeks in 2011.  Airbnb was still an infant in the Barcelona market, but Andrei capitalized on its growing community base and kept his friend’s apartment fully booked all summer long.SHOW Andrei Comper

“That was a key moment as I discovered the potential Barcelona holds in the vacation rental sector, especially during the summer months,” says Andrei.

The next step was to acquire more inventory.  He made a few calls to his landlord and his network and convinced them to let him manage their empty flats while they were seeking long-term renters.  Andrei quickly discovered he could double or triple their income potential if he rented the flats on a weekly or vacation status rather than long-term contracts of 6 months or more. 

“Flats that typically brought in €800-1000 per month were all of a sudden making €2,500-3,000 per month,” added Andrei.  “The growth was incredible, but then summer came to an end and I couldn’t rely on using only 1 portal.”

By leveraging HomeAway, 9Flats, WaytoStay, and others, Andrei was able to keep his properties full but soon discovered an entirely new problem.

“With 10+ properties spread around 7 portals, I had a major scheduling mess on my hands on a daily basis.  I never knew what was booked and what was available because everything kept changing so rapidly.  My whole life was spent updated calendars and logging in and out of 7 different portals.  It was a mess. I must have double-booked my flats a dozen times before I realized I needed a better system,” says Andrei.

That’s when he found Vreasy.  Instantly, he had a simple tool to manage his properties, keep his calendar synched across all platforms, and communicate clearly and easily with all of his guests.

“Without Vreasy, I would be doomed.  I was running around like crazy trying to manage check-ins and logistics so I had no time for my business, or building my personal brand.  Vreasy took over all the hard stuff and let me focus on delivering a great experience to my guests.”