Vreasy Case Studies: The Property Managers That Offer More

We are continually impressed by how our customers use Vreasy to do something more than other managers out there. Our customers continually show us new and exciting ways how they manage the guest experience and deliver more than expected to every single guest.

To highlight this, we’re running a series of case studies on some of our Vreasy ‘SuperManagers’. You can see exactly how they use Vreasy to do more than order and sort their bookings, how they use Vreasy to build their business and get their guests to remember and reuse their brand.

Canary Lettings Vacation Rentals

Canary Lettings

Allow us to introduce you to…CanaryLettings! With 52 apartments, studios and villas across the Canary Islands, they are a perfect example of how to stay one step ahead of the competition in an area where guests are fiercely competed over by large hotels, villas and other vacation rental managers. Read on to see how they stay successful and how they use Vreasy to add a new dimension to their business.

‘’We now have the possibility to build a new business and be more competitive.’’

Vreasy: How long have you been a Vreasy user?
11 months

Vreasy: What appeals to you when choosing a vacation rental property?
Simple: location, design and price

Vreasy: What type of clientele is your business aimed at?
We have two kind of clients, the first are clients that don’t know anything about this business. In this case we manage all aspects of the booking, check in and cleaning. Our other type of owner are clients that know the business already and rent their properties. With these owners, we only send them guests and booking via our channels.

Canary Lettings property Management

Vreasy: How has Vreasy helped you to simplify and automate the management of your business?
Vreasy not only synchronises our calendars.  For me there are two most important aspects of managing a vacation rental business with an app like Vreasy: being able to share the application with owners and regular staff, and automating the communication between our guests and our staff.

Vreasy: What are the biggest challenges you face as a property manager?
Finding a way to manage our bookings in an effective way that doesn’t actually add to our workload.  I like that vreasy is easy to use and intuitive. I have used another channel and it was really complicated, especially when you are new to this world of property management. With Vreasy, it’s easy to introduce to new services and staff.

Vreasy: What are the top 3 things you think help to make a great vacation rental business?
The three things are undoubtedly: good properties with an excellent location,  price, and then design. You then need committed owners and the capability to offer new experiences to the guests that stay with you.

”I think that providing more services  is going to be the next major step in our business.”

Vreasy: Since working with Vreasy, how has your guest interaction changed with the ability to add to your business by selling services?
Before using Vreasy,  I never even thought about the possibility or had the capability to sell services, but now I think that it could be the difference for the future of vacation rentals. The offer of new properties with services and exciting activities for guests going to become more important than the prices! Now we have the possibility to build a new business and be more competitive.

Vreasy: What would you say sets Vreasy apart from their competition?
Well I really don’t know much about the competition apart from Kigo, I had a bad experience with them and changed to Vreasy, the problem with doing business with Kigo was that it was very complicated from the outset.

Vreasy Says-

Canary Lettings uses Vreasy to promote services to their guests. This means that they earn a commission for every service or activity that their guests book. Since using Vreasy the money they have earned from this has exceed the cost of using Vreasy – meaning Vreasy actually pays them!

Vreasy: How has having a positive monthly balance changed your business approach?
Having a positive balance means we have even more motivation to improve it. I think that providing more services is going to be the next major step in our business.

Vreasy: How have you achieved this?
It has been really quick. We only started our project in April 2015 and moved to using Vreasy in the middle of May. By July we had positive results and are continuing to get great results.

Vreasy: What would you like to see from Vreasy in the future?
I’d like to see more management capabilities to help send more information and invoices to the owners.  

Vreasy: Finally, what are your predictions for 2016?
I think that it could be even better than 2015! I already have bookings up to  2017 so 2016 should be a very good year indeed.

We’d like to thank Canary Lettings for taking the time to be featured in our case study series and wish them all the best for the rest of the year!

If you’d to see how Vreasy can simplify your management, help your guests have the best stay in your properties, and take your business to the next level, click here to learn more about us.