Vreasy’s European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Center

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Demonstrably compliant with GDPR

Well documented data safeguards

Your rights are enhanced

Vreasy enforces the highest privacy standards

Privacy by design

Manual and automatic safeguards

What did Vreasy do about GDPR compliance?

* Conducted a comprehensive GDPR review and gap assessment
* Created an internal roadmap for compliance
* Identified the necessary changes and adapted to the new rules
* Conducted a comprehensive data-mapping exercise that tracks personal data flows throughout our systems and services
* Implemented two-factor authentication for enhanced security of our users
* Ensured that our partners too are in compliance
* Updated our Privacy policy to be clearer, concise, and transparent about how we process personal data, in accordance to the GDPR compliance
* Updated our incident response procedures to align them with GDPR
* Produced a company-wide data protection manual for our staff
* Implemented a data protection impact assessment procedure and integrated it into our system and product development

Privacy policy

Vreasy’s privacy policies

Your Property Owner Clients
Vreasy NEVER contacts owners
Your Property Information
You choose what to publish
Your Guest Information
Vreasy NEVER contacts guests that are exclusively your clients

At Vreasy you have the right to be forgotten

You can ask Vreasy to delete your data at any time. All fully paid up clients may download their data at any time. Vreasy respects your right to be forgotten and has clear policies in place.

Are you a property manager looking for GDPR help?

We understand how difficult it is to wrap your head around legal jargon. So, we thought we’d make your life easier by creating this easy-to-undertand guide just for you!

GDPR compliance for property managers
Vreasy has paid for and is working to with the Privacy Shield officals for its self-assessment. We are not yet officially compliant — there’s a queue!
Just like other SaaS providers, we use a top-tier, third-party data hosting provider (Amazon Web Services) with servers located in Europe and the U.S to host our online and mobile services. See Amazon’s GDPR center to know about their approach towards GDPR compliance.
Vreasy believes that keeping data safe means allowing it to be distributed across the globe – so a catastrophy in one continent will not mean that your data is lost. We welcome keeping data in the EU, though this isn’t required by GDPR. Instead, GDPR requires companies to implement appropriate safeguards when they export personal data out of the EU.

Vreasy makes sure that it complies with EU data export restrictions when your data flows outside of the EU.

Yes, you host guests in your property and you are required by law to protect their personal information.

GDPR compliance affects you too, but you needn’t worry. We created this neat little guide for you to understand exactly how to be GDPR compliant.