The Vreasy Rentals Cloud: Your Infinite Inventory

Anyone that has ever had to turn a guest away due to overbooking knows how frustrating it is. You miss out on a booking and you have to disappoint your guests, leaving them to find another, competitor business in your area. Every property manager, at one time or another, wishes for more inventory at their disposal to help these guests. You spend your time and energy making your site and properties appealing enough to draw guests into your site, and then you lose out on all this work due to a case of bad timing.

At Vreasy, we have created the solution: The Vreasy Rentals Cloud!

The Vreasy Cloud is Up and Running!

This is a closed portal of available properties for Vreasy property managers. Whenever you have an enquiry you can’t fill or an overbooking you can send a site to your guests, that automatically bears your own branding, containing a selection of available properties. You select the properties you send and even earn a commission from every booking that you refer. Your guests can then choose from your selection of properties and can choose to book as normal. This means that you will always have inventory to provide your guests with and a way to earn revenue from your recommendations. What’s more, because it bears your branding, it helps to establish your business as a place to start looking for properties – rather than just heading back to the big listing sites.

Being part of the Vreasy Rental Cloud also means that you have a brand new way to acquire more bookings without adding to your workload. As well as sending your guests to other properties, other managers can of course send your properties to their enquiries. This means that you can get bookings in empty properties almost out of nowhere!

At Vreasy we have two main goals – to help our property managers provide the ultimate guest experience and give them the tools to keep their guests coming back. Being a Vreasy manager means that the experience you give your guests is a step ahead of other property managers, this starts at the earliest part of their trip – the booking process. We want you to be able to make your guests’ experience better than any other type of accommodation.

To find out about joining Vreasy and some of the other tools we have to help you grow and develop your business, just click here for a demo.